Fabric problems again!


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
sorry you guys. the same lady that rang me two days after having fabric overlays on - they were 'peeling' has rang again!!!.
Basically there was an enormous amount of lifting! very shocking and i blamed technician error (Me)and rebalanced her and repaired. she rang yesterday to say they then lasted four days and the product over the fabric was fine(!) but the fabric was sticking up all over the place -= so she had had to gentley pull off the fabric!! and now she only had one nail left - she said her nails were now paper thin - no suprise there as she has yanked the fabric off!!! but she decided having tips might be better! so i explained that the only system i was currently using was the fabric and she would need those over the tips anyway! I offered her the name of a creative master tech who's card i found in tescos for l & P and she said she would come in for a manicure she also confessed that not only did she not like the gel she had on prior to her seeing me but that they all came off within days.
now i look a bit of a berk as i have no idea why this as happened I cant apply her l &P to try with me as mine is not up to public standards yet - ok even the ones i do onm myself look like a pigs ear! shes coming today for her manicure and i dont want to just fob her off by saying that she has tried two enhancement systems and not got on with either so it must be her nails - and i am not experienced enough to say that as i am still convinced its my error. - any help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hi Jenni,
I'm really sorry to hear you are having bad luck with this.....is this happening with other clients???? If not then i doubt it's your work that is causing the problems!!! Clients tend to be very reluctant to admit to any vandalism of you art work!!! I personally have nevr used the fabric system but have used similar products and have never had this problem....if the fabric is sticking up all over the place....then surely it would have been when she had her nails done! Also i don't know if this applies to everyone who uses this type of system but i have never suffered from any lifting using these type of products
but as i say i may be wrong as i only have a handful of clients for this system!!!
All i can say is good luck.... you will get to the bottom of it in the end.....even if it is one year down the line!!!
take care
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