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Apr 26, 2003
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hi...i just recieved an email saying a reply had been made to the fibreglass question i asked, however when i clicked the link nothing was there...
please send me info again if anyone has just replied to it...
thanks vicky
hi ya...in the starter kit for fabric does it come with instructions? for applying and rebalance? if not can someone email me the information...a course isnt available until 15 august, so looks like im gonna have to learn myself, unless bridlington have anything sooner...will i be able to learn fabric myself? ive heard its really simple and straight forward...vicky
thats exactly the sort of thing I would do and if you`ve done nails before you`d think you could just follow the instructions and you`ll be ok. I want to get the fabric training myself but haven`t bought the kit yet. Most kits come with instructions and if they haven`t got them you should be able to get them, although I would strongly recommend the training first speaking from experience of some very bad training. If you just go ahead you will pick up bad habits and then when you go for the training its harder to drop those habits, trust me I have many and its hard to forget all those little things you picked up along the way.
August will soon be here anyway.
Good luck whatever way you go and I`m sure there will be help for you if you slip a little
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