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Feb 5, 2003
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Clients keep telling me about fast drying lamps available in the States, these sound integral to the desks and work in about two minutes. Does anyone have any information?
Really you are looking at only 2 kinds of situations:

  1. A UV lamp for curing UV cured topcoat (which incidentally usually cure the topcoat through heat from the bulbs and not UV light ;) )
  2. A fan dryer which works by...umm.. 'fanning' the nails rapidly.

    One of the benefits to using a dryer is that it keeps the clients hands 'busy' (so to speak) while the enamel sets.

    In my opinion, you are better off with something like SolarSpeed Spay... at least you wont just be curing the topcoat by itself.

    Hope this helps
In my opinion, you are better off with something like SolarSpeed Spay... at least you wont just be curing the topcoat by itself.

Yes, but does it really work. I have a used a number of 'so called' quick drying drops/sprays that claim to dry nail varnish within a few minutes only to find that in actual fact they are just touch dry and still require another 1-2 hours!

The problem with most 'Quick dry things' is that they focus on drying the topcoat. That means that the other 3 layers of enamel are going to take that much longer to actually cure.
So far, I have only heard really postive feedback on SolarSpeed spray.

After you apply your base, 2 colours, and 1 topcoat... let it stand for 1 minute... spray away... and tada... in about 3-5 minutes... your enamel will be set all the way through.
Obviously the thicker you slap on the enamel, the longer its going to take to set... But on avg the standard is 3-5.
Its the only solution that I can think of out there that socuses on setting all the layers of enamel instead of just the topcoat.

Hope this helps
SolarSpeed spray sounds great. :D Where can I buy it from?
Thanks for your help. We already use solar spray but not always achieving fast drying results, however, will aim to monitor over the next few weeks. I notice that Creative are advertising a fast lamp - is this useful?

Re Solar spray - you can buy from Creative or I could send some from our salon to you.
Hmmm. The only things that I am aware of that would prevent quick drying would be:
  • Applying over thick layers of enamel
  • Applying too little SolarSpeed Sray
  • Applying too soon after topcoat.

Im looking into any other reasons... Ill keep you up to date :)
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