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Jun 18, 2007
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West Sussex
Hi have city and guilds 2 in make up and waxing. Currently doing nvq 2 manicure course. Please can someone advise in starting up a mobile business, this is how I think I should go about it.....

phone up local mobile therapists and salons and get them to send me price lists to find out the local rates charged in my area. Do salons generally charge more than mobile therapists???? FINDING MY COMPETITION? looked on YELL.COM and only found a few. Sure there are more beauty therapists in my area. Anyone know anywhere else I could find local salons??

Need to sort out insurance before I start.

Need to make a price list which I can give to people. Only going to give this to people I know initially as don't want to be going out to complete strangers.

Going to make vouchers for friends/family members to buy to give as christmas presents. Anyone else done this, any advice you could give me??:hug:

Havent got a couch yet, I am thinking to start with I may be able to get by by borrowing my friends when she is not using it.

Please advise me


I would suggest you don't base your pricing on other salons in your area as they may use different methods/products to you - don't under sell yourself. Also you will have travel costs to consider so keep this in mind when compiling your price list.

I recommend Professional Beauty Direct for liability insurance. Their rate is very reasonable.

Hope this helps
thanks for your advice.

Do you know where I might be able to find dcontact details of local mobile therapists?

You could try thomson local, yell, beauty guild website or try doing a search in google?
Hi Nicki,

Try looking in your local paper for adverts and for cards in local shop windows. You could try to see who is registered with Embody, BABTAC, The Guild, FHT, Professional Beauty etc from their websites.

Hope this helps!

Hi Fushia

I have been a mobile therapist for 4 yrs now but about to go home based and stay mobile for make-up and any mobile requests.

Being mobile is very hard work all the travelling, lugging of equiptment, the faffing around find plugs etc in clients houses for electrical eqpt. ie, mitts, booties.

As for priceing, i just walked into each salon and asked if i could have a price list read through each one and compared all the prices against each of them to see what difference if any. My prices were simular to the salon prices because you car,nt undercut yourself as you have to consider your time for doing the treatment. travelling expenses, i only do a 10 mile ratio and then add 20p for any additional mile.

As for you equiptment its best if you can get your own as you might not always be able to use your freinds and may loose clients,
try ebay i have just go loads of really good stuff from ebay and all are brand new too. BUT it depends on what treatments your offering and what your budget is i am going to be working from home so i need all this stuff.

hope it all goes well for you, but dont just stick to freinds and family once your confident branch out further to make it a business,
peice of professional advice DONT treat Male clients unless you know them well or there is someone else in the house and get yourself insured that is the main priority.
To be honest i hate it when other therapists ring for my price list as it costs me to print these up and theya re just being files not used by clients. What i did was go on websites of people in the area. I looked at who offered what, what products and prices then tried to average them out.


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