First ever extensions, could do with some advice


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Michael Reynolds

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Aug 23, 2015
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Hello All,

so this is my first ever set of hair extensions, which i am quiet please with. of course there are some points that i will change for the next client but am i suppose that's part of learning. Please let me know what you guys think i could do better :)

also i am looking for advice on the forward grad on extensions, i HATE doing it on actually hair never mind extensions and tried it on this client and to be honest i didn't like it ( didn't really have a clue ha) dose anyone have advice on what to do?

Thanks and much love XXXX


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What's a forward grad? What method of fitting was done?
Forward graduation or layering around the front
I done micro rings
Hi its hard to tell as its not styled straight so can't really tell if its well blended etc! but looks very good for your first attempt and you wouldn't think by looking at it that it was ur first set! well done xx
Forward graduation or layering around the front
I razor it or slice but razor gives a batter finish you can't really do it like nee do natural hair so I find the end of the natural hair then razor from there :)
Great thanks so much guys, such a shame I thought for my first one it was going well until the bloody front hahahah
O well practice makes perfect

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