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Luxury Beauty

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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing

For this month i am doing a promotion when they book certain treatments they get a little trial product free. Hoping that the products that they have tried will come back to purchase the full size!

Just wondering if you are mobile do you do this? I will be doing some mobile treatments soon and was wondering whether they should recieve the free gifts and also how do you retail the products? Do you simply take an order while your there with payment and bring it next time or post it out?
hiya beauty express do some packs of 7 nail oils quite cheap and other mini products u could buy. these would b good to start. the oils r similar to solar oils. they also sell the full size products of these . hth!!!xxxxx
when i was mobile i would give new clients a small pinkie of solar oil or solar butter it always resulted in them buying the item once they had run out of the pinkie, and in the boot of my car i would keep a range of things i retailed in a little case so i had them to hand, if someone w3anted something i didnt have i would take the money then drop the item to the client as soon as i recieved it, hth:hug:

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