Free hand nail art competition start today


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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

We are ready for the nail art competition i have posted everything on the beautytech board i will try post it all here today .

Sometimes i can post in geek sometimes we can not we write long post and always goes back to sign in .

we want geeg nail geek and debbie beautytech to place the 1 2 3 4 5 6 on 1 august for prizes we want as well some prizes from company sponsors can post in this link .

I hope we can see some geek nail art in competition .

Thank you Mui from Thailand
How do we enter the comp Mui do we send our photos to you? Sounds good!!! :D
Mui, that sounds great. Only wish my freehand nail art was any good - but it's not. :cry:

Still, if there's a competiton for airbrushed nail art in the future - I'll be there!

Your friend

ps... I'll be replying to your emails later this evening - sorry for the delay ;)
Mui, are you able to post the details here for us? I had a quick look in Beauty Tech but couldn't find it.

"Sawasdee ka

We are having a freehand nail art competition all photos will go in nail art competition gallery 2004 in our website

You can send 1 photo Free hand nail art 5 tips you can use paints /pens rhinestones anything for nail art but NO airbrushing NO liquids powders gels please .

we will have airbrushing and 3 d competition later if this competition is good .

We are looking for company sponsors for prizes all sponsors will be asked to please send the prizes to the prize winners home or salon all prizes from company sponsors will be put in list with sponsors name thank you to sponsors .

To enter is free the photos in the competition will looked at by judges 1 august 2004 and they will give there winners places 1 2 3 4 5 6 .

We would like debbie beautytech to be one of the judges and gigi from nail geek the other judge.

You can send your photo to [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] .

If your photo is not in the gallery in 24 hours please email us we will look for photos many times in 1 day .

We will take your photo and put in the gallery for you .

Thank you for your time we hope to see some in competition from America .

If you have any question please ask in this thread .

Mui from Thailand"
"sawasdee ka

The place for prize 1 2 3 4 5 6 will be on 1 st august i need photo no later last day of july .

Thank you mui from Thailand"
"If some one wants to send photo we can scan onto cd and after we can put in the gallerys it is better if you make a reciept in post office when send .

Please put your name and country with photo .

Muis beauty nail salon
141 /8-9 soi paradise out
patong beach
kathu phuket Thailand

Phone number 066-1-8927767"
Thanks Bernie, I obviously didn't look hard enough! Got an email from Mui this morning, she's having pc probs and can't get in here right now.
mui said:
sawasdee ka

We are ready for the nail art competition
Is any Geeks entering this ?
Considering I don't usually touch freehand (and there's a damn good reason for that!), I'm actually considering it *gulp*
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