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Feb 22, 2012
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I've read on some of the threads on here that some of you give samples to your spray tan clients - can you tell me where you got them from , costs involved & reasons for giving (presumably cos everybody likes something for nothing!!!) x
I got 200 sachets with Sienna X of moisturiser, body polish, exfoliator and the 8% tan. I give 2 to each client. It's just a nice extra and you can sell products to them for a profit so they may like the sample and buy a bottle.
Which tan do you use?
I'm currently using Sienna X and Nouvatan - i find different clients suit one or the other. i'm also trialling some others (xen tan & tan trick) as i'm still not sure which solution i want to stick with. Do you mind me asking what you pay for those sachets? x
I got them with my kit but if you have a look on their website they should have a price. Maybe go on eBay? You could just give away samples of regular moisturiser (if its cheaper) and say it'll help to prolong their tan? Then the client will be happy with the freebie
Thanks BeautyQueen x