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Nov 10, 2011
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I've set up a business "like" page on Facebook and have had about 100 likes so far but feel as though I'm not really getting through to a lot of people. I know when I'm on my personal account I always scroll past all of the like pages and not pay any attention to them! So is it better to create a page as if it's a person and add clients as friends even though Facebook doesn't really allow this? Also, if I did this would I wait for clients to add me or would I add them first?
Thanks for any help!
I think stay as a like page, but perhaps rethink your fb strategy. What you post, how often you post etc.
There are rules on Facebook and you cannot have a business page as a personal profile - ie. if it is a business it has to be a "like" page and not a friend page.

If you ignore these rules you may find your page disappears and then you will lose all of your likers or friends, without any warning.

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