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Oct 9, 2010
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I'm thinking of doing a facial massage course with does anyone have any experience of them or can you recommend a facial massage course in the south east? I'd like a massage intensive facial on my menu and need a few extra moves.
I would recommend Gateway if you are looking at doing an add-on to your normal therapies - or are already qualified in the therapy you are looking to do.

I did a course a while back called Facial Rejuvenation and I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was basis for my holistic facial which I went on to refine.
Thanks Kamosa, I am already fully qualified in a basic facial and basic facial massage, but some time ago . Yes, I suppose it would be an add on as I'd like to make my facials massage intensive with some new techniques. I see you are in Kent, where did you do your facial rejuvenation course? Was it with Gateway?
I did my course with a lady called Claire Mendelsohn at London Therapists in Richmond about 5 years ago. At the time she was affiliated to Gateway Workshops but I believe she has since gone independent. Having said that, there are some very good therapists who work with Gateway - and they cover the South East including London.

If you check the Gateway website, there will be a list of tutors in your area.

Let's know how you get on:)
Thanks for that, I've just checked out the London Therapists website and think I might opt for them as they are Babtac & Itec approved, the same price and closer to me! Great advice, thank you! :)
Yes I would definitely recommend Gateway Workshops, have done a few courses with them, very pleased with all course content and DVD's, you are encouraged to practice alot at home before you can offer the treatment too :)
Thanks for your help! I have now booked the facial rejuvenation/facial massage lift course with gateway. I looked at the tutors bios as you suggested Kamosa and found a woman who was really well qualified and in London. Really looking forward to it!:)

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