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Oct 6, 2005
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Haven't been doing nails for a long time due to an injury. In the mean time I have been having my nails done by someone else but want to start doing them myself again. My question is none of my gels have been used for about 8 months, I have never used gel this old before. Will it still be useable or am I better getting new?

what gel are you using? i think it depends how long you have had them before that and what their shelf-life is.
you can find this out by looking on the label, it should have a little symbol of a open tub thingy on it, with a number inside it (& M for months). i use ibd gels and their clear builder gel shelf-life is 36 months.
however not sure if this is from date of manufacture or the date you first opened it,but i would guess it would be the date of manufacture.

hth linz x
If you have stored them correctly they should be ok...try to do a couple on yourself before you use them on a client and see how they are x
Thanks for your help.

They are the NSI balance gels. Only doing my own anyway so it's not the end of the world.

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