German Measles?!


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Jan 29, 2004
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Arrrrhhhh I can't stop itching this rash, I think I have German Measles cuz I've got a sore throat too!?!?!?!

Anyone else had it???
Yikes - Go see a DR and find out for sure - isn't that something that you get when you are younger?? Most kids don't get half the stuff we used to because of all the vaccs!!
Yeah, I'm going to the Dr tomorrow!! I'm 21 & sure I've had all the injections I should of at school!! Not even had Chicken Pox before!! x
Ive had it and it can be nasty in adults.
Also keep away from anyone whos pregnant as this is a lethel illness for them to catch.
See the doc and hopefully u will soon be fine again.
Went to the Dr this morning & he said it's either Scarlet Fever or Measles. I've got some antibiotics & allergy tablets. The rash is even worse today!!
Hope your feeling better!?
My little boy had exactly those symptoms about 3 weeks ago.....
It was Scarlet Fever!
Not nice at all hun and to be honest with you, his rash as only just gone!!!!!

Hope u r feeling better :)

This must be going round coz my little boy had the same symptoms a couple of weeks ago and it was also Scarlet Fever!! Antibiotics cleared it up and loads of calamine lotion for the itching. I have 3 other kids so I'm just hoping they don't come down with it. No signs yet but I bet they wait until its time for Olympia :mad:

Chin up and don't scratch!!

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