Getting back into hairdressing at becoming "just the receptionist"


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Oct 4, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice and help!

I completed my qualifications in hairdressing and was a stylist for a while before I lost my confidence completely due to a few bad salons I worked at. So now I'm "just a receptionist" at a hair salon.
I'm looking to get back into hairdressing but my confidence has hit rock bottom. I couldn't become a stylist at the salon I currently work at as am now branded as "receptionist" so I get no respect and have a lot of responsibility which I'd still be expected to do. I wasn't supposed to become the receptionist!

Has anyone every had their confidence knocked, what have you done to help?

I'm looking at different training courses to help boost my confidence. The hard part I think is looking for a salon that will take me on!

Any help would be much appreciated!
I'm going to recommend you try something. Go to THE BEST salon in your town and become an apprentice, not an assistant but someone that works for a top stylist, learns the ropes with them and eventually gets a chair is that top salon. I work in Beverly Hills Ca. you need to start as an apprentice there to get a good job, but once you go thru an apprenticeship, you'll have a job at the best place in town.
Don't start at the bottom start at the top!
I second what stylist911 has said. I'm not sure where you are based but highly recommend doing a few weeks with Sassoon. Their abc and creative are both very good.

This will give you confidence to grow and then throw yourself in the deep end. Confidence is a strange one. Fear and being scared can stop you or you can turn that fear into something positive and be the best you can be.

We've all been there believe me!

Alternatively there are many great online education sources that you can access. and YouTube. I think many SG's will tell you we are all avid you tubers and Periscoper's. Guy tang, Redken, Wella... That is just to name a few. Toni & Guy too! Good luck!!

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