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Dec 8, 2009
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hi guys

just crashing here from the nails and want to ask you your professional advice.... after having blond hair for the last 15 years I have just dyed my hair a medium brown ( I did it at home as my hairdresser would not do it with out a skin test first) but anyway I loved how silky and shiny my hair was after using the conditioner which you get in the kit but what I was wanting to know was what is the best conditioner to use to really give a deep condition and will hold my colour give it shine and not greasy ..... am I asking too much or does the product exist .... Also bits of blonde are beginning to come through the brown so will be trotting off to the hairdressers for my skin test soon so can have it dyed again but i am going on holiday and am worried that the sun will lighten the colour what can I do to protect it.

Thanks a million

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