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Mar 13, 2013
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Ok so I have been doing hairdressing around 5 years I am qualified to level 3 and have done allot of private training along side this.

What it is, is I sometimes struggle to pick the collect colour, I know the colour wheel and what colours neutralise what colours. What my question is as follows..... If i had a lady with hair of 7.13 and her target shade was 7.43 then I would apply 7.4 to get the target shade?? If she had hair if 5.42 on the ends and a 7 on the root and her target shade was 8.34 I would give it a slight bleach bath on the ends apply an 8.0 to the root for one level of lift. Here is then my question for the ends if i lift the ends to a red colour and my target shade is 8.34 what would I apply would I need to add some ash to neutralise the red or would I need to lift more than red to get to an 8.34 when depositing colour do I need to add neutralising shades.
Any advise very helpful If I have this totally wrong please advise as I am fine at colouring just not sure im choosing the correct colours to achieve right colour.
Are both these examples coloured hair?

I'd probably use a mild bleach wash to lift it slightly and then use a lighter quasi or semi tint as you're re-colouring tinted hair.

In the second example, you'd lift the ends to about a 9 if you want 8.34 and there shouldn't be any red, if you've lifted it properly.

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