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Nov 2, 2010
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East Kent
Hi Everyone im a new to salon geek and have never used it before I would appreciate any information on hair extension courses I am really interested in doing all type of hair extensions I have been doing my own research but still finding it difficult any help would be great
thank you
The top trainer I know is in Eltham. They only train qualified hairdressers. Not cheap but very good. PM me if you want details.
try your local college i know u would need at least a level 2 in hairdressing to get on to the course,hope this helps.
Hiya,I trained with belle hair extensions in london,absolutely amazing,learned everything i needed to and got two kits for the methods i got taught,i learned micro fusion bonding and micro rings and all the cutting,aftercare etc.Totally recommend them to anyone,this is their website Belle Hair Extension Training Courses London | Birmingham | Glasgow | 020 8444 2591 check it out n let me know how you get on xxx
if you like you can message me and i will send out a short free video with some tips .. it not a professional length video but it still has some interesting thing in it that are very helpful and good to know
you could try km hair extension training they do all types of method and combine it they have a website xx
We offer hair extensions courses have a look at our site for info xx

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