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Sep 9, 2010
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Hi geeks,
I find my hair bag is just so unorganized and get so messy!
What kit bag do you use?
All the ones I seem to look at are one big compartment then piddly little slots round the edges.
I find storing hair for clients maintenace etc too gets super messy.
What does everyone do to stay organized!! X
I use a weekend suitcase because its on wheels :) I can fit every thing nicely long enough to store long hair bags etc. I then have smaller bags inside which are organised like a bag for section clips, bag for heat protectors finder protectors etc. another one for micro ring stuff. This works for me a lot better then a big carry bag. I can simply pop which bags I need and take the ones out I don't. I still have my bag I just find the suitcase easier. It's also a cheaper option then the wheeled beauty cases you get. Xx
For mobile I use a tool box type thing from b & q! It looks like some sort of professional trolley lol
I have one of those tool box trolleys! It's ideal , keeps everything very neat

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