Hair extensions - why such cheap prices?


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May 21, 2012
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Hey everyone,

I'm newly qualified and confused!!
How can people charge so little for a full head of extensions (for example, they say they use 100% indian remy hair) someone locally does it for £130..shes been qualified for a while so its not doing models,but how could they possibly make more then a few quid profit from that after buying the hair? i paying to much for the hair i use?! Could anyone recommend cheap quality hair? If its not allowed to post it..please msg me a link or suggestion

Thanks for any advice hair geeks!

Yeh there is afew people all over charging very little for extensions! It's my pet hate! But they are getting the customers that expect a cheap price and won't come back when they realise the hair is totally rubbish! Just try and stand firm! And as long as you have good quality products you will slowly build up a client base!
theres a girl in my area whos been doin micro rings for £120 including hair! shes qualifide aswell and theres loads of people going to her, i realy dont no how. ive asked someone to ask about the hair and she says the hair is 200 micro rings and costs her £80 so she only makes £40 to put them in?!!! she says shed rather get the hair herself so ppl dont buy cheap hair but i still think 80 is realy cheap and i would not get out of bed for £40 wen it takes so long to do , and its £10 for topping up inbetween appointments. x
I'm newly qualified too and have the same problem, I'm genuinely wondering of its that these ppl just don't value their own time and just have too much time in their hands not to worry about it

Rant over lol
I have no idea. I've just seen (on facebook of course) someone charging £90 for a full head of prebonded. Im sure the quality is tip top ;-)

I did message her & ask what brand of hair she's using & of course she replies with 'Indian remy AAA+'. What does that even mean?!!! She has since ignored me when I've asked the actual brand & where she buys it from. Surprise, surprise.
That's my pet hate.... Grade aaaa+.... IT MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!!!
I spose some people are happy with £4 an hour, and have no intention of paying tax.

Nothing to stop you telling the taxman.
I came across one on facebook fitting a full head for £80.
I love doing extensions but since doing my models haven't done any lots of enquiries but no I fittings .
Hopefully things will change in the near future
Why try to compete on price with these people?

If you are trying to build a genuine business with regular repeat clients you should be stressing the quality of your services.

In our experience facebook will always attract a particular type of client - expecting something for nothing and will typically be the type who will complain.

Try to attract clients in the 25-40 age bracket who will most likely have more disposable income and more likely to be a regular repeat clients.

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