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Sep 3, 2015
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West Midlands

I rent a room within a hairdressers, it's going well but would like to widen my client base.

The hairdressers have been running for a long time and are doing really well. They have a large client base. They are always happy to promote me etc.

From a legal standing if the Hairdressers shared some of their customer data (email addresses in this case) with me and I sent out a mail shot to them-an offer to all of their clients-would this be a breach of data on their part?

I've had a search and can't see anything specific to this-wondered if anyone knows? Thanks in advance X
YES! Totally illegal and if just one client feels annoyed by it and complains to the commissioners office, the hairdressers could get into serious trouble.

Strictly speaking, when the hairdressers take the clients' details they need to ask permission to send the client info. from relevant third parties.

In this situation, you draft the mail shot and ask the hairdressers to send it out on your behalf requesting the clients to reply to you. If they cc. you in the email, that will make it easier for the clients.
Once the client has contacted you, they become your client too and you can contact them directly. Obviously, once they become your client you need to properly manage their data too.
Thanks, I suspected this was the case. Getting them to send it for me is a great idea
It totally depends on the salons terms and conditions if the terms are written correctly and it says that something like sometimes we can share your details with companies that can offer you special offers , then your totally covered. Point is once it's in the t&c your fully ok. I hope that helps. On another note if your looking for a system to manage all the above and lots lots more check out



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