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Jan 12, 2003
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:D Hi Samuel and everyone

I have just read through the info you have on here about yourself with great interest. I think what you have acheived since your Aunt persuaded you to learn to be a Nail Technician is amazing, congratulations. Creative are obviously lucky to have such a dedicated staff member as you and I hope that when I finally get my training going I can aspire to do as well as you have.

Just a little about me, I am 28 years old, I have two children, Matthew who is 2.5 going on 20 and Erin who is 14 weeks old. I am maried to a wonderful man called Niall and we had our third anniversary in October last year. I was born on the 10th October 1974 and I am from Lancashire, which as I am sure you know is near to Leeds, and I have lived there all my life. At the moment I am a home-maker but I have had a little experience with Sculptured Nails and Acrylic Tip & Overlay. I am about to start a course doing Manicure and Pedicure on the 20th Jan at my local college, then an acrylic nails course in Feb followed by Nail art in May, both also at my local college.

Ideally I wanted to do the Creative Completely Covered course but I believe that no more bookings are being taken for this course this year due to the NVQ's changing or something which is a great shame because the price was fantastic. I have worked out that all the part seperately come to something like £2000 and that isn't including the NVQ part of it so even if I just do one at a time I think it will take me a while to get through them all on only one wage at the moment and 2 kids to look after :(

I think that being a Nail Techncian would be something I can enjoy doing and also work more on my own terms because of the children, I just don't want to miss a minute of them growing up, I love them so much. My family is definately the main reason for me joining because I want to earn more money to support them as it is a big struggle to do so at the moment.

Anyway, sorry for waffling on, hope to get to know you all better:)

Take care

Thank you for your kind words. I think it demonstrates that the one key coolest thing about this industry is:
There are no boundaries other than those you place on yourself.

You will find that this industry can give you the freedom you are looking for.

Sorry about the CCC course. With NVQ all over the place, it was far too difficult to offer a complete package. Maybe this is something that can be looked at at a later stage.

Look forward to your posts to the board.

hazelwebster said:
:Just a little about me, I am 28 years old, I have two children, Matthew who is 2.5 going on 20 and Erin who is 14 weeks old. I am maried to a wonderful man called Niall and we had our third anniversary in October last year.

Hi Hazel, welcome to the Geeks message board - we too know what a 'juggling act' it is, to have two kids and work. Haydn is 10 going on 40 and Dexter is nearly 3. I love 'em to bits too. Funny thing is, as we both are in the 'industry' the kids know about 'nails' too; the things they come out with is hysterical. Please let me know if there is anything else 'education wise' that we may be able to help you with. The Foundation Course is a brilliant intensive course that really gives you ALL the grounding for nail enhancements, the Master Classes are very advanced and should be taken when you have more experience under your belt. 8)

Anyway, call 0113 275 0433 if you do need any help and you can always speak to me personally. Take Care ;)
Thanks to you both for the warm welcome and I really appreciate the telephone number if I need any help. I really do want to do courses with Creative and if that means I need to pay the individual prices then that is what I will do, I will just have to save up first :D. I have been auctioning off items on Ebay to raise money for my courses but right now my grand total is less than £20.00 so I have a long way to go yet ;)

I think that my son is the same age as your youngest and he will be 3 in June this year, he is a real handful but an absolute star to boot.

Take care

Morning Hazel,
Just checked with Education on prices and I'm not sure where you are at BUT.... Creative Conversion is only £67.50 (that's the cost of the Pro Kit with £120.00 worth of product in it) training itself is FOC. All Master classes are £75 and MQD (Masters Qualification Day) is £50.00 - hope this helps :D

Dexter will be 3 in April - I agree, total handful but love him to absolute bits!! ;)
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