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Feb 3, 2011
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Im thinking of renting a room in a hair salon and doing some troubleshooting with my husband, if the hair salon (they own the new building) goes bust 3 months into my 6 month lease where do i stand? do i still have to pay the 6 months rent when i no longer have a room?

hope someone can help me.x
Do you rent a room from the hair salon? or The people who own the building? Does your lease state the salon name or theirs is what I am trying to get at.

If it says the salon name and it goes bust they are not allowed to take any money as the company is no longer trading.

If it has their personal name you may still have to pay but the solicitor who agreed your lease when you signed should be able to give you much more clear info.


The salon is new the owner has taken a mortgage out and putting flats above and having the hair salon and beauty room downstairs, I'm not renting the room yet as they still doing the property up I'm thinking of taking the beauty room on working self employed under there name I would think the lease would be between me and their business
Personally, I think this is a question for your solicitor only to advise on, once he/she has seen the terms of your lease. ............ speaking from experience, do NOT sign anything until it has been checked legally. Yes, it will cost money to have it legally checked, but it may cost FAR more in the future if you sign something you don't truly understand now. hth

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