Hey! It's snowing!!


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Apr 26, 2003
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My husband rang from a meeting 10 miles down the road to say there is thunder and lightening and within 5 minutes the snow had covered everything! I looked outside thinking he must've lost the plot, poor man, side effect of being married to me! 10 minutes later and everywhere was covered!

Sorry guys, big kid, got so excited i had to tell everyone! :lol:

Sue x
it has been snowing here since 2.30 getting quite deep now and yes it's freezing
Its been snowing here for a couple of hours now too, and when I saw the lightening followed by thunder I honestly thought the world had gone mad.........Since when do we have storms like that with snow????????
I've never seen anything like it in my life! I can feel a song coming on..... :lol:
Im dreading driving in this weather ergggghhhhh Looks nice from inside my cosy warm house though!!! I am a summer girl I love the heat and the sun!!!
Today at my other job the parked cars were sliding down the car park how scary. Everyone had to run out to put them in gear. Its stupid because the car park is sloped and no one grits it :twisted: Im soooooo scared I wont be able to get out of it tomorrow :cry: Don't really want to be spending the night there,( I wont be able to use the Geek site then -oh no what a nightmare lol, have to visit daily) I was walking like an idiot from my car down the car park slope if only you had seen me you'd have been in hysterics :lol:
Snow since 6am this morning, Then sleet, thunder,lightening now its freezing and slippy as hell :confused:
And when i thought i would just stay in the house and relax, My kids bus didnt turn up to take them to school. :cry: what a day
It's just not fair!

We have not got any snow here, and as the sky was clear blue all day I guess there will be none either. We never get snow in Cornwall. I was 7 before I ever saw snow, and that was on holiday!

It actually reached 9 degrees here today.
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