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Jan 18, 2016
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Hi geeks a client of mine who has a full head bleach highlights is thinking of an all over tint since having her bubba, Iv never used highlift tint as a full head tint I usually just use in highlights so I don't feel confident advising her!

Any help would be appreciated, here is her hair she was dark and wanted to be very blonde so we have done lots of highlights
I'm not so sure about the highlift tint as she looks to be a level 6 and it will come up quite warm. Have you any ideas other than an all over colour in mind?
That was my thoughts, don't think I will get enough lift with her being so dark, [emoji20] I was thinking do full head highlights 1 beach 30vol 1 8/73? The ends are slightly darker so put take 20vol bleach on the ends? X
Iv followed u on Instagram your work is amazing!!!
20 vol on the root & 10 on the ends will be enough for this :) don't highlift it will definitely go brassy
Really, I always worry 20vol will go orangy? Appreciate your advice [emoji3] definitely don't want to over process x
The heat from her head will help pull it up, at worst it may be a little gold (probably not tho) you'll need to tone it all over to even it out anyway so it'll be fine, I definitely wouldn't put 20 vol over previously bleached hair tho
I shall do that then [emoji3] I haven't previously toned her hair, toners panic me-we never used them In the salon [emoji85] would u suggest /86 or maybe 10/38 x
I'm not a well a user sorry, I'd just look at it afterwards and see what needs neutralising
Thanks for your advice! Il defo use 20 and 10 many thanks again x
I agree with @surfgirl. Lots of fine/ micro weaves. There's a lot of warmth in there that you need to clean out. You could also do a root stretch of 8/71 and 8/73 ct after you've toned too to blend the highlights with the root area.

Remember you are moving away from a heavier foil to help her grow out better. For a toner I think Illumina 10/69 with pastel would be lovely. Her mid/ ends look very warm but that could be the lighting.

And Thankyou!
May use the root stretch idea il suggest it to her tomorrow. Worried I will get a line?
Yep will do micro weaves and use the 8/71 and 8/73 together in the foils too, hopefully will break it up nicely!

Never used illumina??? I'm
Doing a wella course in a few weeks having the kids with gaps in between hairdressing isn't good just shows I have loads to learn x
I wouldn't worry about putting the 8/71 etc in foil. Just spatch in between and you won't get a line honest.

Do the root stretch on towel dried hair at the basin super fast. Leave the front so she can see more of the blonde there. It's just going to blend everything together nicely. Super soft effect. 5 to 10 minutes.

And you'll get there. I have four of the little rascals. Get on those courses, do the Mcp if you can. It all builds confidence.
Eeekk I panic so much! So just very fine bleach foils full head, then 8/71 inbetween the packets? I
Confused lol doesn't take much to confuse me!

Or bleach foils, then tone then 8/71 root stretch? X
So do your micro highlights then every second foil, lift the packet up and paint 8/71 and a little 8/73 to the hair Inbetween the foil if that makes sense. No need to put it in a packet and take the Colour 3/4 of the way down the hair. Once you've rinse and toned the entire hair then towel dry and paint onto the root area smudging out a little leaving out the front.

This will still be blonde but a more lived in blonde which is less high maintenance. Take a deep breath and the think about what you want your end result to be. We have all been where you are. It's easy to over think colour sometimes and over complicate the process.
Thank u sooo soo much for your advice and patience with me! I will definitely try today! Would /86 relights be sufficient to tone in theory it should take out any yellow/orange? She's booked in at 9.30 so no time to get illumina x
No personally I don't think the /86 would do the trick. Have you 9/16 in colourtouch? Or do you have 10/8 and 10/16 in KP that you can tone with pastel
Nope none of those [emoji20] we r tight for time today so may just do v fine weaves with bleach and the 8/73-8/71 and use 10 vol on the ends to bring them up and book her in more time next time and do what u have suggested I think it will give her the exact result she is after! U r a genius know x
You need to use a toner. Use the /86 but you will need to leave it for the full time I'm imagining. 10/38 isn't right for what you want to do. And then tell your boss to do her Colour order!!
I'm mobile and didn't ever use toners until more recently. I'm going to the wholesalers tomorrow and will stock up on the above u said and some pastel! Many thanks agai. XX

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