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May 17, 2014
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Does anyone offer any specials during the holiday season? Special manicures, pedicures, etc? What sets them apart from your regular offers? How do you promote it?
Keeping an eye on this post as would also love to know what others do!
No! I'm booked out on the lead up to Christmas, it's the one time of year I NEVER make any offers.
Exactly what Blossom said. I'm running out of space already for Christmas and it's not yet November. Save your offers for January when people are skint and need a pick me up.
I agree, Miss D. Christmas is when everyone is looking for full-price treatments. I'm planning on offering special deals to coincide with the New Year's resolutions.
No offers during November/December - in all gifts I place gift vouchers to use during January this also tends to get new clients in too x

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