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Discussion in 'Nail' started by nailedit00, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. nailedit00
    A client has asked for these nails so I ordered some of that holographic plastic stuff in clear, it's hardly holographic at all it looks terrible! What holographic foil do people recommended for these nails? Has anyone got any pictures of the foil they have used on top of clear? Preferably from somewhere with quick shipping x

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  2. Beauty Tips
    I had a drama with the stuff I bought and needed foil for an appointment that evening so in the end I use gift ribbon and just peeled the backing off.
    It worked a treat, I just cut a load of strips off and put in a little pot :)
  3. Noodle
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    I'm sure holographic foils are available from a fair few number of suppliers, but I do know Sweet Squared sell it if you're about to put in an order for other items as well. Shipping is usually within a couple days or sooner, if you order before the cut off time (which may be 6pm, I'm not sure).
  4. Trinity
    Look for Angel Paper instead of holographic, it's more of a film with a sheen which will give the broken glass effect. I got some from eBay, virtually next day delivery for 99p
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  5. ciderella71
    Indigo nails ones are stunning. I'm not a fan of this look as it looks reflective but I think it's a bit untidy looking in person. I've used the indigo ones and I couldn't see the outline of it on the nail but it was gorgeous.
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  6. All that shimmers
    20170112_060911_resized.jpg This is an Indigo Nails one, in the colour Mermaid, but I think Emerald may be closer to your client's reference pic.
  7. suzanne66
    To me... those nails look like press on nails made to look slightly holographic or heavenly?
  8. nailedit00
    This is exactly what I want! What kind of ribbon was it I don't quite get what you mean x
  9. nailedit00
    I might try sweet squared I trust the quality will be good from there but I didn't look on there as I didn't think they'd sell it thank you x
  10. nailedit00
    Brilliant thank you I never knew it was called that, the one I picked up literally looks like a clear ribbon of plastic x
  11. nailedit00
    Where do you buy indigo nails from? Have you got a link x
  12. All that shimmers
    Chaun listed what he used on the Instagram post, and it's the glass films/angel paper.
  13. nailedit00
    I'm more interested in the effect because I have clear acrylic and gel, it's hard to tell but I thought it looked like strips of the holo foil on some sort of clear enhancement x
  14. All that shimmers
    I'm in Australia, but Cinderella could probably tell you where she got hers.
  15. All that shimmers
    So hard to capture the colour shift in my crummy lighting, but it's so pretty! 20170112_102608.jpg
  16. nailedit00
    Wow how gorgeous, is that one from indigo nails? x
  17. All that shimmers
    Yes, that one is called Emerald. But honestly, I just had a go with the 5 colours for $1 set I bought off Ebay, and they're equally pretty.

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