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Victoria masterson

Owner of Beauty is Within
Sep 26, 2015
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Hi all - does anyone have a home based business? If so when you first started how did you go about getting your client base?
Yes and Facebook mainly, spend time setting up a page and the pay to advertise it, you don't need to spend much. You have no footfall so a good website and page are key I believe, provide a good service and word of mouth will spread.

Good luck x
Hi thank you so much - where is your home salon based? How long have you been a home business x
I started before social media was around so it was leaflets (not a huge return but when I wasn't working I was delivering leaflets).

Now it's a good website, refer a friend offers and FB. Always remember that retaining clients is the easiest and cheapest way to get bookings. Good luck.
Hi redduck thank you so much for your advice. I have lots of leaflets etc and Iv spent a lot on my brand and getting the right website. My salon is quite out in the sticks so doesn't get a lot of passing traffic - so it's just finding ways to build it xx
Yes I started with leaflet drops every week focusing on a different street each time. This got me my first clients. I also did and still do Facebook .
After 8 months I stopped the leaflet drops as I was getting new clients from my website, FB and word of mouth.
I take each clients email (if they have one) and keep it in my contacts list. At the start of each month I send out a special offer by email to my existing clients. This way I get bookings for the offer but also it just reminds those I haven't seen for while to come back.
Make sure you send your email to yourself and Blind Copy in your clients to protect their details.
That's amazing advice - thank you so much Hun. Do you still have a home business or did you move to a high street xx
Been around for quite a long time!... Qualified in beauty in 1989 and still going...
Been employed, mobile, home based, owned H&B + alternative therapy centre, lecturer for a decade and now back home based with no employees to worry about.
Always have preferred being my own boss!
Wow what a profile that's amazing - well any other advice is very welcomed xx
Thank you - you're welcome
I've been going five years and use my spare room at home, I do predominantly massage and it's mainly through recommendations, I used to offer a loyalty scheme but my prices are good and after a few clients told me I don't need to offer it, I stopped and keep getting busier. Pregnancy and hot stones are my biggest sellers, there's also an eyebrow lady who works from home in Rugby and she does really well, she does lvl too so I just stick to what I know. Good luck xx

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