how can i make gel nail please.


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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

6 month ago i buy some gel england ibd and come with book speak how to do and i try and can not and i read many time but gel nail no good i do some thing no good .

can lady speak straight to me do this do this because 2morrow i want try to make i not try long time and i want .

Mui from Thailand .
Hiya Mui,
I think if you put a search in for gel nails, You will find the advice you need.
This might be a really silly question Mui, but do you have a UV Lamp cos gel won't cure without it... :rolleyes: :)
sawasdee ka

i have ibd uv lamp jet 1000 i buy b4 when i buy ibd kit ka .

no body in Thailand i know do gel but will have for sure because people try learn my friend just have lamp from england but i see but not sure who make but i look now and my lamp ibd jet 1000 i can see.

mui from Thailand
Oh good! :biggrin:

So what are you having problems with?
sawasdee ka

Problem with i can not make a gel nail ka i read book and i read some tutorial and some tutorial speak too much so i want some body speak do this do this do this and i try tomorrow .

and maybe i can if some body speak straight .

Mui from Thailand
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