How to..A nail competition?


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Apr 13, 2009
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Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire
I want to run my own nail competition....


But want to be able to enter myself..Obviously I would get someone else to judge..
How could I do this :S

Only one like salongeek do aka pictures emailed in.

Perhaps facebook???

How would I go about prizes :/

Just an idea as on evening's & weekends when i'm not at work i've been a bit bored.
Well I guess you could do it on a face book group or something , but I really dont think it would be right for you to enter your own comp , just like alot of comps and things like the lottery say that people who work for them cant enter .

I wonder if there will be another salon geek comp ? wasnt there a feet one once?
I know I was thinking that! I just want there to be another competition really LOL!

I may add all my nail friends on my beauty facebook and creative an event!


Can anyone think of any themes.

And no I won't enter but salongeek please do another comp soon i'm getting bored!
We have had various competitions on here and they are way more work than you would realise.

That is why we dont have them here very often LOL.
I know lol!

Bless em!
It is true, there hasnt been a competition for ages and that is because no one has come forward and asked to organise one. It is not down to "Us" to organise it.

There were a set of rules drawn up -

Have a search on the word "Competition" and read back some of the trials and trubulations that some of the previous organisers have had and then see if you are up for organising one.

If you think you are then put forward a proposal to the Moderator team with how it will be run.
I'm not making any promises but I've been thinking the same thing re us having another comp...

Leave it with me and I'll have a word with the 'powers that be' and see if I can organise something :wink2: It won't be straight away as getting prizes sponsored etc takes some time... either that or we can just do one for the sheer heck of it and not have any prizes?! :?:
could be fun with or with out :)
I'd be quite happy and i'm sure loads of other people on here to have regular comps that basically pick a theme we send in our photos have 2 or 3 judges for no prizes etc..

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