How to darken platinum blonde hair without it turning out 'golden'


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Apr 26, 2006
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Hi hair geeks :green:

I have had platinum blonde hair for a number of years. Despite having a few breakage problems, I have managed to persevere with it and keep it in good condition.

I started to get breakage around the hairline about four weeks ago, so decided there and then I'd had enough and wanted to go for a colour (still blonde though!) that was kinder to my hair. I've had a high lift tint applied to my root regrowth and a semi applied to the lengths (which have been bleached). After a couple of weeks getting used to it, I think it is a beautiful colour, but it is too warm for me! Don't get me wrong, it isn't brassy at all but more of a beigey gold, and my roots (where the high lift tint was applied) are even more golden!

I've been told by numerous hairdressers and stylists (usually when on makeup jobs) that my skin colouring is so cool that the only colours that will look really stunning on me are white blonde (gone forever now :cry:) or black. They are actually spot on right, as I've been both these colours and adored them (blonde more so) and never been able to stick it out with colours 'in between'.

I really need help.....I am going to mention it to my hairdresser when I go back for root regrowth/semi application, but it would be good to hear any tips/advice/product recommendations from some of you guys on this forum also. The semi is washing out very quickly because my hair is so porous, so I've asked my hairdresser if it would be okay to apply toner in between any of you have a recommendation? I used to use Colourfresh 0/6 violet/silver, which Colourfresh (or other brand, if there would be another you recommend) would be best to give me a light/medium beigey cool tone?

Sorry for the length! And thanks in advance :hug:
Hi Amy, Do you all have Redken products in the UK? Redken has some lovely colors with a very ashy base using green and blue as the dominant colors. I am a very ashy dark blonde, and their Shades line, a demi-permanent color, and their Shimmer One, an ammonia-free permanent color line has both of these available; I've used both lines and have been very happy with the results. Since your hair is fragile, I would be diligent to deep condition with a product that will restore protien to the hair shaft before any further color treatments. Good luck!

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