How to prepare for Christmas in your nail bar - utilising "The calm before the storm"


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Apr 8, 2005
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Well as the big day looms closer week by week and you find yourself sitting in that quiet period often known as the “calm before the storm” , what can you do to prepare yourself and your business for the big rush just around the corner??? :Scared:
After running my own nail salon since 2004, here are my top tips for getting ready for our busiest time of year….

1. Firstly use this quit period to prepare. As all nail technicians know…a great nail is all about great prep/pep

2. Tips…are the ones you are using pre blended (ie; already have surface shine removed)? If not use up all that down time before the rush to etch your nail tips. Makes your service a lot quicker. it takes “ages” to pre blend a box of 360 tips BUT its worth it.

3. Bulk ordering…what are your “Billy Bob Basics” you use at your nail desk all the time. Order and THEN order another “bottle” to be on the safe side. Think acetone/ dissolve, disperse, topcoats, basecoats. Cotton wool pads couch roll, remover wraps, and cool blue. And don’t forget the tea and coffee.

4. Get Creative. This is our busiest time of year so “milk it” for all its worth. Get out your color pops and nail display wheels, log onto pinterest…type in Christmas nails and there is a whole host of inspiration at your fingertips. Display all your designs at EYE LEVEL for optimum effect and price clearly. Come on girls. NO FREE NAIL ART…. at LEAST 50p a nail. Because you’re worth it!!

5. Clean…with a big influx of new clients , you and your business are an open SHOWCASE. Use quiet time to clean. Skirting boards, corners…reorganize and clean your drawers, your lids and jars…when’s the last time you cleaned the rims around them shellac bottles??

6. Maintain and update your face book/twitter. Keep all them Christmas nail art designs coming. If you are doing any packages or offers why not tag your clients in ones that might be of interest. “Work Christmas party Booked?? Time to book your nails”

7. Pre book all your regulars now. If they leave it they might not get a appointment and they will hold it against you for the rest of 2014.The last thing we want is them making friends with the nail technician down the road because you couldn’t fit them in. :evil:

8. Box sets and retail. Put them all together now. Take photos and post them on social media sites. Display them at eye level where your client sits.

9. Gift vouchers…. Perfect for the last minute man in your ladies lives. Tell everyone that you sell them and post notices everywhere in your salon area. Make them sound and look appealing and attractive. This year I’ve brought some luxury chocolates (from a well known chocolate retailer) at the pound shop and I’m giving them away with my gift vouchers. I’ve also decided to box mine with ribbon and sparkly tissue paper. Would you like to receive a gift voucher in just a plain envelope?? Think how you can turn a plain gift voucher into something that looks luxurious and special.
What about January gift vouchers? January can notoriously be “dead”. Give all your clients a “Thank you” Christmas voucher in their Christmas card to use in January only. “X amount voucher to use when you spend Y in January only”

10. Get your Christmas extras ready…set the mood with scented candles, mulled wine and mince pies? What about your elves…. have you got a Saturday girl, apprentice or college leaver.why not use all this quiet time to train them/tweak them in prep/pep/tipping. So if you are running behind or stressed “Jane” can do your shellac pep while you finish off your last client (Mind you this only works if your staff are competent and you have confidence in them)

11. Last but not least…LOOK AFTER YOU. If you’re working long hours and late book yourself out a SMALL break. Somewhere…Yes you need the money. I hear you cry…but you won’t be earning any money if you pass out on Christmas Eve thru exhaustion. Pre cook and maybe freeze some dinners…buy some ready meals , make some sandwiches , take your microwave to work, stock up on some healthy snacks and bottles of water. :Love:

Remember to enjoy it. It’s our busiest time of year so use November to get you ready to go.
This is all fabulous advice. It's my "first" Christmas and I'm really excited!

Thank you
You will :Love: it honey..and the buzz. Enjoy
Wow. I absolutely love this thread. Thank you so much! X

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