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Feb 22, 2012
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hiya, i have just literally signed up to twitter and i notice that on my website builder i can add a link to my facebook and twitter pages. how on earth do i do this? i dont even know how twitter works, but i want a link i can put on my website which coincides directly with twitter and do you have to pay for this?
Hi & welcome to Twitter. Before you start putting links on your site you need to do the following first in my opinion:

1. experiment with twitter under your own name to find out how it works. Check out other accounts in your industry to get some inspiration. Then decide what you can improve on or do differently.
2. decide how you are going to use it e.g. Just update your special offers / competitions / post relevant industry news / personal updates from you.
3. Decide who you want to follow
4. How are you going to publicise / attract followers.
5. What are your targets e.g. Number of followers, number of customers who come in to you from Twitter.
6. Take your time setting up your official page to make sure it looks well and really represents your business.

It can be a really fun business tool but looking at the points above can really help you to set up well and save you time.

Easydry sells single use products to hair and beauty salons. I look after our Twitter account and I try to post

Eco news
Special offers
Product information
Industry news and updates from HJI and Creative Head in the UK
Industry competitions - entry dates, winners etc
News from other countries eg Australia, USA etc

I try to post what I find interesting and what I think our customers will find interesting.
Or @easydryintl

I hope this info was what you were looking for and helps?

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