How to promote Vinylux?


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Jan 28, 2009
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I have been telling my clients about Vinylux since it has been out, but there is no real interest from them. Couple of client's mums have had Vinylux manicures, but that's it. And no retailing so far.
I read that some of you ladies have a great success with Vinylux and was wondering if you could share your success tips for promoting and retailing Vinylux.
Really really wax lyrical about it-how AMAZING it is --same with any product you are selling, act like you believe it-no matter what IT is, it's the best because....YOU would use it because........OTHER PEOPLE love it because....

Promote the colours, tie those colours in with the seasons, Autumn colours now, so "get this season's look in the hottest vinylux shade right now ***** ''

Use any promotional material FROM vinylux, posters signs etc, a good quality poster displayed in salon/in Salon window reiterates your previous ''this product is amazing'' points.

Point out what makes this product unique

Show before and after 1 week pictures

Just sell sell sell, treat it as if it's THE next big thing, do research and really KNOW the product and its benefits, those are the keys to selling it!

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