I give up!


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May 18, 2012
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wanting to train in and offer gel nails,rang sweet squared they do not do a course near me in bristol so said i could go to london as friends there to put me up for night but i would not have a model as i could not expect my friends to be able to come up to london with me for two days,they said they could not find me a model to use or help in any way so i have given up hope of being able to use shellac,i like opi polishes so gave opi a ring no answer and no one has rung me back when i have left a message!
so frustrating i just want to train and use the products seems no ones bothered!!!
What are the dates Hun?! I trained at the London Academy and am sure some of us London students could help you out xx
What about Kate Taylor in Cheltenham. I'd gladly model for you too. It's just an hour from Bristol x
There's also a CND educator in Ringwood which wouldn't be far. Do you drive because even London is only a couple of hours or so from you, easily done in a day.

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