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Jan 11, 2003
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Ya'll have been so great :D

I appreciate all your responses very much.... I'm so glad that I've joined this board...

What I'm going to do is, I'm an Avon Rep, I'm going to do up some little flyers for my customers and also put them in my books that I also do nails, and use the money to buy my stuff...I'll either do them here and/or at my mom's house...Her friend wants a set :D

I think a lot people think that just because they own a salon(s), they are able to run a school properly, which makes it bad for people who are good at educating people, after a while you just don't trust anyone...

I laugh now, but when I went there to make my first payment she asked me if I was interested in being a educator there.... :D I have no clue how to teach anyone...How can I teach anyone if I don't know everything to be able to do that..Of coarse she hasn't mentioned anything about it since... I was going to get paid 7.50 to start and it was for 2 days a wk..My Tammy Taylor Rep just laughed when I told her... She told me right out Do Not take it!!!! She said it was a load of bull to pay someone that little of amount.. :D

Thank You all very much , ya'll are the :queen: and :king: of Nails in my book..

Jamie :flower:
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