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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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While I know that we've just had a lovely long geek-end to recharge our batteries and get ourselves back into working order, it's possible that you've got the back-to-work blues and you're desperate to get booking the next break. If sunshine, beaches and mojitos isn't your thing (really?!) then perhaps ila spa's new one day 'emotional detox spa' is just what your looking for?

Following the success of their 5-day Emotional Detox Retreat earlier this year, they have launched the one-day 'Emotional Detox Spa Day' at Chewton Glen, UK. Be prepared to get all up-close and personal though as the day will address your 'inner feelings and emotions' focusing on issues including jealousy in relationships, buried anger, boredom at work and general feelings of frustrations and negativity that can manifest as unhappiness and a limitation for the future.

I know, I's all pretty heavy for a Tuesday morning after a long weekend off, but it would be naive of us to think that what's going on inside our body, especially inside our head, doesn't affect what's going on outside. It is clear that often anxiety, stress and other negative emotions can manifest themselves in physical ways - breakouts, weight gain, dullness etc.

It's definitely worth giving your emotions a little TLC as well as your skin, hair and nails if you want to look and feel your geeky best. Do you want to do it at ila spa's 'Emotional Detox Day'? Well, if you do check out their website for more information.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.

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