Ingrown Toe Nail, Sidewall Rasp tool wanted.


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Jan 24, 2019
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north staffordshire
Hi Everyone,
I am on the hunt for the above tool for my pedicures and wondered if any of you have any suggestions.

Mehaz (Louella Belle) and Navy Professional don't seem to have what I am looking for. It is a very slender, slightly curved serrated tool that is perfect for removing sock fuzz and other debris from under the side walls.

The annoying thing is that I need it for one client that I have been doing feet on for 34 years now. Due to natural ageing her feet are becoming a little bit more challenging. I am not willing to let her go elsewhere just yet and nor is she wanting to go elsewhere either thankfully. They aren't so difficult to actually cause infections luckily...just a small amount of discomfort. All suggestions will be gratefully received.

Many Thanks , RosieR.
Try Katie Barnes, she had an Insta story today about a serrated tool, not sure it was curved though 🤓
Oh many thanks Trinity for the information, I am so grateful for you taking the trouble to reply. I've looked at the site and whilst it is straight as you mentioned it also has a small paddle on the opposite end of it so could be really versatile.
Thanks again :)
Thankyou very much for the link CFBS :)
Get yourself a wee Blacks file. You can get them on Amazon or eBay for a couple of quid. Double ended. Blacks file one side and an excavator on the other. We use them for Podiatry treatments, for ingrown nails and clearing callous out of the sulcus. If you're concerned about post treatment infection run some butadiene down the side of the sulcus or something with Chlorhexidine in after you've finished.

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