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Oct 19, 2011
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For many who work in the beauty industry, there's always that moment when you think, "If only there was a product/tool that did this..." Many don't get much further than that, but Julieann Parry created Tibby Olivier and dedicated herself to creating products that, put simply, work. As a fully qualified beauty therapist, cosmetologist and perfumer she took all her ideas down to her shed in the garden and started mixing. Her latest products, Faith Lift and Beach Bum Tan are getting rave reviews and we thought it was about time that Salon Geek got the low down.

1. When did you launch Tibby Olivier and what inspired you to do so?

We opened the perfumery in August 2010 but have been online a lot longer.

2. How did you come up with the name Tibby Olivier?

It's hard to find a name that means something to you that is also available as a limited company and a domain name. Tibby is Scottish for Isabel, my daughter, then we wanted a name that matches the glamour of old Hollywood, the apothercary jars we use, so it was a case of Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, Laurence Olivier…hey we love Olivier so Tibby Olivier was born and available.

3. What's the ethos behind Tibby Olivier?

To make deluxe, hand mixed organic skincare/perfumes etc. accessible to the average salon/therapist for their clients without the high price tag often attached to this quality of product. The organics I use have been around for centuries; I wanted to show how powerful they can be without the need for synthetic additives.

4. When you decide to create a new product, what's the process? What are the steps?

Essentially, you have necessity products such as cleansers, toners etc. then it's getting the ingredients that we love into a particular product and making that product the best it can be.

5. How do you decide to create a product. Where, for instance, did the idea of Faith Lift come from?

My decision is based on what I personally would like to use and is missing from my portfolio of products or from requests from my clients as to what they would like to see added to the range. Faith Lift came quite simply from the fact that I had tried most things on the market with not much success and thought…I can do better than that! It was a case of putting my knowledge into a formula that got results. Please bear in mind this was not an overnight thing, it has taken quite literally years of experimenting, testing and tweaking the formula to get to the product you see today.

6. For those interested in launching a product, or a brand what advice would you give them? What's the hardest part?

Firstly, be 100% sure of the brand or product you are selling. There is nothing worse than trying to launch something you don’t have complete 'Faith' in, no pun intended! Know your market: what is out there already? how does your product slot in? what market you are trying to reach? who are your main competitors? and most importantly, what can you offer that is unique?

If you are not going to distribute the product yourself, find a distributor with access to the market you want to be in, who has a presence in that market and who has no conflict of interest i.e. distributes similar products and with whom you feel you can build a good relationship. The supply chain from creation to the customer has to be a strong one. The hardest part for me was putting my “baby” out there for all to see and critique but luckily has been a very positive experience so for anyone out there who has a product they love…go for it!

7. What's your own background? How did you get into this industry?

I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and cosmetologist, a trained perfumer and my particular strength is chemical peels. Initially, I created the products to access the skin quickly for the optimum results following a chemical peel then it grew from there.

8. When I think of you creating products, I imagine some fabulous earthy, shabby-chic shed! What is the reality? Do you physically create your own products? Do you have a lab etc?

Funnily enough I do have a log cabin in my garden where I disappear for hours at a time mixing and experimenting with my potions but, yes, I do have a lab where I hand mix as there are very strict guidelines when it comes to producing for sale to the public. All my products have the correct industry certifications and conditions are checked/tested regularly.

9. How personally involved are you in the brand? Do you have the final say on everything from ingredients to packaging?

100% involved and yes, I do have the final say. I do have a testing board of friends and colleagues as well as contacts in the industry who give me their opinions and ideas as well. I am also grateful to the therapists using our products for the input they give us; anything from the smell of a product to the choice of which jar to put it in. We often run polls on our Facebook pages and other social networking sites to get a feel for what is popular. I really like the fact they are so involved.

10. Which parts of the job do you love and which parts of the job would you say are your least favourite?

I love creating the perfume. ”Unfaltering” in particular is my favourite and I created that one for myself. It is by far our best seller and I love the Faith Lift mask. I have been working on this formula since 1995. My least favourite part of the job is waiting for out-of-stock items like jars to come back into stock from our suppliers asI have no patience and cannot stand being unprepared.

11. Are you a natural business woman or did you have to teach yourself those skills?

My interest is more in the evolution of the brand using my expertise and knowledge as a trained therapist, cosmetologist and perfumer. I engaged Enhance Direct to work alongside me to promote and distribute Tibby Olivier to the trade allowing me more freedom to continue what I do best. We also have a PR lady now called Fiona who is great but we have had to work a long time to have that luxury.

12. Do you ever have time off? If so, what do you do to relax?

I used to before we launched! I try to keep my weekends free for my family but haven’t YET mastered the art of switching my phone off and there always seems to be an email to be replied to or a question to answer!! I enjoy time with my children and partner and have a great love of horse riding and growing some of our herbs.

13. You've recently launched Faith Lift - the non surgical face lift. How is that going?

Faith Lift is our signature line. We decided to launch through therapists both trying it and then recommending it to their clients. We knew this may take longer than going in all guns blazing with ad campaigns etc. but it meant we could both keep the cost of the products down and get the best advertising available - word-of-mouth from those who know their stuff! It worked! Our sales are increasing month on month and we have already established distribution in various countries from Cyprus to Scandanavia to Australia and many in-between. We are also extremely grateful to journalists like yourself who have shown invaluable interest and opportunities.

13. What's coming up? What can we expect next from Tibby Olivier?

Beach Bum Tan is another of our organic products which is getting great reviews as for its all over body treatment: a natural looking tan with great fade and best of all, no smell, so men love it too! This solution, plus our aftercare products, are proving so successful that we are just about to introduce our lovely Beach Bum Tan Trainers who will be offering accredited training around the country to students wanting to add spray tanning to their list of services. We use the best Ecocert DHA available which fits in with the whole Tibby Olivier ethos. We have also just brought out our “tan in a can” to make self-application easier and we are also bringing out SPF in a spray for skin protection. We will also be continuing to add to our Faith range as a hand cream has been requested and promoting the Tibby Olivier range of perfumes, skin care etc. Exciting times!!

Faith Lift and Beach Bum Tan are available from Enhance Direct

Check out other products and shop online at Tibby Olivier

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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