Is this famous haircut real?


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Jun 28, 2017
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Hello, what is the name of this haircut or how to make it so I could explain to local barber the right way to do it (one day I showed a few pictures of that haircut to my barber so she could understand what I want - it seems she didn't understand at all -_- had to remake what she has done) .


(more images of them)

I've seen it lots of times only in games or in anime/cartoons & that's the problem because after hours of trying to find out in google the name or real photo of it, I always get 0 results ... I really started to think it doesn't exist in real life at all.
Look like like an undercut and the top section has been textured through ends to create a shattered finish instead of a blunt line.
Definitely undercut
The haircut is an undercut that has grown long, and parted to the side. The underneath is also shaved into a slight fade or 2.
It's not exactly the same (no undercut) but going from anime to live action in Black Butler, they just gave up on the hair being similar in the live action movie for Sebastian. In the live musical, they've used wigs to get the volume spikey look.

You'll need very thick hair to have the undercut AND the anime volume.

Another way of describing it might be Peaky Blinders/French crop, but not slicked back, and not with the crop so high, so you've got enough hair for the fall.

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