IZ Gel or Calgel colours?

Just wondering what your views are on the calgel colour pots or the iz gel colour pots, I’m qualified in both but can’t decide what I prefer and which lasts better. What have you found to be the pros and cons of each one? Also I only have an LED lamp now so presuming the calgel pots won’t set as well in new lamp???


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Calgel can set in LED as I have their LED bulbs & flip between Calgel & IZ pro.
Timings are different is all- 2 minutes for Calgel 30 secs for IZ Pro xx

Ok thankyou for info, so confusing all these products needing different lamps I can’t carry like 10 different lamps around lol! I use CND aswell, I know I should know this but I use iz clear pro base and build now (not calgel clear as noticed would go yellow if no colour applied over) presume I’m ok to use iz gel clear then say a calgel colour over/under it??