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Sep 4, 2003
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hello to you all,
I have been a member on this site for a little while and i have never posted a message before, maybe because I am a little shy (being newly qualified I feel a bit thick). But I just wanted to say hello. As an ex qualified nurse and having 2 children and then being a stay at home mum, i decided last year that the time had come to do something for me, as daughter was at uni and son getting more independant. So after having had acrylic nails for 3 years and watching my technician apply them so easily and making me feel like a million dollars, I took myself off and qualified in acrylic nails, (little did I realise just how hard it was to learn, she made it look so easy) I work from home and am mobile, I enjoy getting out there, it fits around my family commitments, it took me a while to get passed the chuck it all in the back of the cupboard and I am never going to do this stage, but i kept going. I do, however, find that sometimes I feel a bit out on a limb and lonely out here, but since I have found this site and read my nails magazine I get quite a few hints and tips, and enjoy doing what I am doing and want to learn more. So if any of you want to e-mail me or just chat to me please do so. I am so glad I have found this site and also that there are new techs out there as well as you clever techs that have been doing it for years. Guess you can say I am a "NEWBIE TECH" who is fast getting hooked and passionate about Nails. :)
Glad you decided to write a post, There will be no stopping you now :lol:
Like you i work as a mobile nail tech and have learnt so much off this site,
We never stop learning regardless of how many qualification we have.
hello holly,
just thought i would say hi, this site has been so helpful to me, and the girls (and guys) well they are just the best bunch, if they can advise you they will.
the search facility on the site is really helpful too, i try to use this first to see if any information comes up if i have a problem, and if i still dont get it someones always tries to help, then the chat we like a good ole gas now and again so hopefully we`ll see you in there sometime. ;)
i too am pretty new, but there are lots of top techs on here also.
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