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Oct 20, 2013
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Hi guys just wondering if anyone can suggest something.... I've got a few clients who get full head bleach and tone or full head bleach highlights, sometimes when they come back to me like 6 weeks after their last appt, their blonde has picked up so much. Esp on one client her hair is really long and it's like her fake tan stains her hair. Blonde hair is so hard to keep nice and fresh. Has anyone got any tips to keep it or anything I can do while I'm doing their regrowth?
I love Schwarzkopf silver colour shampoo it's great for holding off yellowy tones,once a week should be plenty for them to use :)
Yeah I love the schwarzkopf shampoo too its great! But I was wondering if there was any products to remove the build up from bleached hair? All the products that discolour the hair like fake tan?
Fake tan is quite hard to remove from bleached hair as it sucks up the colour. A good clarifying shampoo might help, and of course a blue/purple toned shampoo. Perhaps advise your clients who tan to try and keep their hair away from their tan as much as possible, by keeping it tied up when showering/ sleeping so the ends arent in contact with skin.
Ok thanks, sounds like the best option, just to keep it away from the fake tan. I have heard of a product but never used it called Malibu crystal gel?!? It's meant to remove build up, not sure how good it is. Anyone used it before?
Paul Mitchell shampoo 3 once a week alongside their forever blonde range

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Great ill check that out too. Thanks
joico has a chelating shampoo for getting rid of product build up, but Matrix's So Silver is great too. Just advise client not to use too much because she miiiight get a little purple tint.
Redken do a hair exfoliant it's amazing and it leaves the hair feeling sooooo smooth it's also great for those little only ladies with mountains of hairspray stuck in there hair

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