Kera Straight, lightening the hair?


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Aug 12, 2015
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Has anyone used the kera straight ultimate treatment and found that it lightens the hair colour??
I'm going to have to re apply a clients ️️colour!
I had it done to my own hair and ir really messed up the tone. Hair was smooth straight and banana yellow :( :(
How quickly after having her colour done did u do the treatment x
The ones I have used say 2 weeks after colour before using a treatment like this mite be this reason x
I use Brasil Cacau & they say on the instructions that it can lighten the colour. It pays to make the client aware before proceeding so you aren't made to feel responsible.
Anyone had any clients say their hair smells after their kerastraight ultimate treatment?
Every time we have used Kerastraight in our salon their colour has always slightly lightened. We usually ask them to come back in between 2-7 days after the treatment to do their colour. We also tend to try and time the Kerastraight app just before they are due for their colour retouch because of this [emoji5]️
Usually, the deal with chemical/permanent straightening products is they're very strong and strip dye *if you've got any in your hair* out, so if you had say bleached hair dyed black, chances are you're gonna turn red-ginger, sometimes even if you haven't done the colour recently it can still happen, best thing I can suggest is wait 2 weeks then re-colour your hair to the desired shade.

most permanent strightenining products contain Ammonia and Ammonium thioglycolate which are both very stripping and very strong ingredients :p
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I had it done to my own hair and ir really messed up the tone. Hair was smooth straight and banana yellow :( :(

Keratin is yellow this is why it's going the banana tone.

You can use non oxidising colour when rinsing off the kerasteraight

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