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Oct 24, 2013
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hi im thinking of doing a km hair extensions course and was wondering if it was a good course to do and what would you say about their hair extension quality? or do u get your hair supply somewhere else?
You would get the hair supply else where. I trained with them 3 years ago. It took me a year before I felt confident in what I was doing. I dont rate them also these days a lot of insurance companies do not recognise the qualification. I would try studio 58 if I were u. They are highly recommended on here and I will be trsining with them for my next method. Good luck! X

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i completed my training with km yesterday and found it great the lady had been in he industry years so really knew her stuff, i think your actual trainer on the day is crucial. her name was kathy, all 6 of us found it great training, im not 100% confident but i dont expect to be as it takes time to build your craft and skill. studio 58 are very highly rated on here, they were fully booked on the course i wanted but i dont regret using km as i enjoyed it
Glad you enjoyed your course with KM. Its a good idea to put an advert out asking for models for your portfolio. Get them to pay for the hair and you install for free. This will build up your confidence.

Good luck:biggrin:

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