Laura Geller makeup?


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Nov 23, 2015
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Laura Gellar make up - speak to me!!
What would you like to know?
Is it good etc? Recommendations, anything to avoid? Would like to try a few bits, particularly the eyeshadow palettes I've seen x
Personally I much prefer bare minerals to LG. I find the foundation is rather flat. I have a dry skin and my mam has a rather oily skin and she finds this too. However I love the lip oil. It's slightly tinted so gives a nice sweep of colour. Eye shadows are nice and not drying or easily creased. I've just bought a pack of LG from qvc and have a month to try. It has the new baked contour set in. I will report back tomorrow when I have tried if you like? Best place to try from is qvc as you can get full refund if you don't like it and they have fab deals on x
Ah yes it's actually qvc that I've just seen the eyeshadow palettes on. Do you find they last long and what's the pigment like?
Yes please,would love to hear how you get on. X
I find pigments for most of their products are buildable, which is good for being able to adapt colours. I rate BM shadows very highly. They do matte sheer shimmer the lot. X
Been using the highlight and contour compact for a few days and I love it. The colours are so simple and natural and the blush/contour colour looks fab on the eyes too.

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