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Nov 6, 2007
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hi-i am just in the process of buying my own hair and beauty salon. i am not qualified in either trade but am employing qualified people. i will just be the receptionist cum cleaner cum accountant and general dogsbody!! i am just opening the hair part of the salon to start with. i have quite a few rooms and wanted to put a sunbed,spray booth and hydrotherapy bed in to start with. obviously i will have insurance but i was wondering if anyone could tell me what my legal requirements are as i have no qualifications. obviously i was thinking of these pieces of equipment as they don't need to be manned but i don't want to get into trouble before i have already started! i have tried looking on the net and can't seem to find anything and then i stumbled across this site. any help would be very much appreciated-thanks
Hello and welcome. I would advise you to contact two agencies for advice. The first of these is the local authority in charge of the area where your business will be based, as they may require you to have certain licences eg special treatments licence (depending on the local authority, not all of them insist on these). the second agency is Habia. They are the regulatory body for the beauty industry and they will be able to give you accurate and sound advice.

Good luck with your new enterprise, I hope you are very successful.

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