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Feb 23, 2012
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Clevedon, Bristol
I've applied for a few apprenticeships and I'm so nervous that if I get one I will be so out of my depths.

I know salons are all different but I haven't had any experience in one. What advice? If any, do you guys have for starting an apprenticeship in a salon? Or at interviews?

All the advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
hello Shannon
I am a salon owner, this is my advice to you.
Be open to learning, dont be afraid to ask questions so you can get it right more often than not.Be smiley and approachable, this is really important!
If you havent any experience dont worry the staff have all been there before from the owner to the stylists,even the assistant above you!
If you were coming to my salon I would have the assistant show you through the processes as this gives them the opportunity to see how much they have learned.
The biggest part of hairdressing is wanting to be one and if it is what you really want then you will be fantastic!!!!
I still love it and have been in the amazing world of hair for nearly 30 years.
good luck.
Thank you so much for that advice :) great to see someone who is passionate about there job, I'm extremely passionate about hair just took me a while to work out what I wanted to do, now I do I want to put everything I have into it :) x

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