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Apr 28, 2003
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all you pc nerds out there, I need some help.........
I`m having trouble adding links to pics on my website, I`m just going round in circles with it
I have emailed you the HTML code.
I could not put it on here because this site saw my text as "what it is" HTML an tried to use the code!
What package are you using to put your site together? As many of them have the ability to do what you ask within them.
I have emailed back, thanks you but I really need it in idiots language.
I am using freewebs but every time i do what the site asked of me when it comes to adding a link, it never does it. I can only assume I write the full address wrong.
I have never come across freewebs, so I don't know how it works.
I presume that the site is designed for you online so you don't have to go into HTML at all. Does the "freewebs" site offer any online tutorials?
Yes, I sat through those too, and I know I`m doing what they advise to do. I think I`m falling down on knowing a correct address
Just a stab in the dark here.
Are you using capital letters at all in your address in the link?
"www.Mysite.html" may be a problem whereas "www.mysite.html" will always be ok.
These cause problems sometimes with the hosting site and the HTML code.
no, definitely not doing that, one of the addresses i want to link up with is my email address, i though that was why it wasnt working at first
The code for making a link go to an email address is:


Where the "me@home" is your email address
Your best bet to figure out HTML is to find a page that does stuff you want... on the Menu of IE, click View-> Source. Then work your way through the HTML to find what you wnat it to do.

To get an image that is a hyperlink, type this:
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
That gives you my logo in the upper right corner. If you click on it, it takes you to my home page.

What the code means is
<a href="XXX">YYYY</a>
Where XXX is the URL (or webpage you want to send someone to)
And YYY is What you want to display as a link.

<a href="">The Nail Geek</a>
<a href="">Search the web</a>
Come out working like this:
The Nail Geek
Search the web

You dont have to use text as your link, you can use an image. The HTML for an image is:
<img src="XXX">
Where XXX is the URL or webaddress of the image.

So, doing
<img src="">
gives you

If you are trying to get your email image to be a hyperlink for someone to email you... try this:
<a href="mailto:[email protected]"><img src=""></a>

Just make sure you change [email protected] to your real address (just keep the mailto: as is)

why dont you post the link to the page that is screwy?
Also, try somewhere like for lots of HTML help.
Thanks for trying to help me lesley and Sam, but come on Sam, me an essex bimbo you know, I really have a small limit of pc capability.
I have printed it off and will try honest, but I`m not optimistic. I just may give up on my web site at this rate
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