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Looking for a botox nurse/dental nurse teeth whitner to rent space


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Feb 6, 2012
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Hey we are a NEW tanning and beauty salon business opened two months with a client base of over 500 and growing rapidly.
A few have enquired about teeth whitening and botox are there any nurses willing to rent a space.

We are in Hertfordshire area!
We has an individual area for rent Or a room depends what your looking for!
can nurses provide botox and whitening?
Hi i do teeth whitening, where abouts are you based? xx
I have a small salon in Oxfordshire nr Didcot. I have had a lot of clients asking about Botox recently. Does anyone know of someone local who could visit me 1-2 x a month? How does it work with what % they should give you?
Any advice would be gratefully received :)

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