Looking for a mentor please - near Chertsey, Surrey.


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Julie bb

Aug 14, 2007
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I recently qualified in nail extentions but due to the fact that I only work part time from home lack continuety and experience. I have practiced quite a bit but I feel that I'm not up to scratch.
I was wondering if their was anyone local to me ( Chertsey, Surrey) that wouldn't mind me sitting in and watching them for a while. Kind of like work experience...
Julie B
shame your not closer to me hun i would have loved you to come in. sorry xx

Good luck with it all tho xx
Thanks, at least I'm not the only one on line this late.
well its the onlt time i could go on here properly today as i worked 9am-9.30pm i'm quite suprised i'm still awake lol xx
I'm sure there must be a geek out there to help you out!

I have just taken on our very own 'Pibsy' :green: She will be with me on saturdays and Im glad to have found a serious geek wanting to progress!

Maybe try geekbay too! Good luck!:hug:
Sals is in Surrey, so you could perhaps send her a PM.
The best thing woul dbe to pm a mod who will be able to move this to the relevant forum,rather than skin,and change the title so it grabs more attention. Hth's and good luck
Thank you I'm so new to all this. I got confused. Have posted in nail geek.
Julie bb
Sorry Juliebb to hijack your thread, but i would be interested in sitting in and voyeuring someone at work so i can learn more as i am too at home alot due to young children and need to get more information and practice before my finals.
please anyone................P.S. i live near romford.

Good luck Juliebb in finding someone and once again sorry for hijacking your thread. xx