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Looking for treatment room


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Jan 11, 2010
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I am a fully trained and insured teeth whitening technician, with a successful clinic on the Wirral in Merseyside and a number of visiting clinics in the North West, North Wales and London. I am looking for salons in the North West and North Wales (particularly Liverpool, Altrincham, Warrington, St Helens and Mold areas) who would be interested in me providing a monthly clinic.

I provide a quality service and am therefore looking to work with established salons with excellent reputations so please do not contact me if you looking for the cheapest deal. I am aware that many respectable salon owners are nervous of providing teeth whitening due to bad press and misconception so, sorry to ramble, but I would like to tell you what sets my company apart from the rest.

There are many teeth whitening companys out there, offering ridiculously low cut-price deals and in my opinion you certainly do get what you pay for. My aim is to provide a quality service at a fair price and the satisfaction and safety of my clients is paramount.

I believe my level of training, which was provided by an established dental (not beauty industry) training provider is higher than most. The course I completed was the same as delivered to dentists and dental technicians and not the one hour or video courses that are readily available. I am also currently studying for an introduction to dentistry qualification from the British Dental Trade Association and certificates in Infection Control and Instrument Sterilisation - although not necessary qualifications for teeth whitening, I believe it is important to continuously improve your knowledge in your area of expertise.

Because we are not part of a franchise, we are not tied to one particular brand which means we can tailor the treatment to the individual needs of our patients. Most importantly, we only use the most popular dental brand of chemicals which can readily be found in UK and US dental surgeries. Unlike many of our cheaper competiors, we never purchase cheap, unbranded or un-CE marked chemicals from China and the far east and we never use any chemical that has not been tried and tested within the dental industry for many years - this is extremely important for the safeguard of our clients. You should be aware that there are cheap chemicals that are quite legal to use for teeth whitening but a dentist would never, under any circumstances, use these so neither do we.

I hope the above rant answers some of your questions about teeth whitening and assures you of the quality of my service. With the Christmas party season approaching things are starting to get busy and it really is a great time to introduce this treatment to your salon. You can check out my website at www.calismile.co.uk for more information or message me via Salon Geek.

Try Cherry Floatation in Hawarden. They were advertising room rential via the Healthy Pages website.

Good luck
Try Cherry Floation in Hawarden. I know they were advertising room rental through the Healthy Pages website. Good luck. x

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